Having been home for a couple of days I feel compelled to declare that I am still feeling ‘all over the shop’ (Londoner lingo for disorientated) due to a persistant dose of jetlag (a first for me with States flights I have to say) because I have a crap chest congestion.  And it has genuinely annoyed me.  Hooray!  I honestly have no bloody clue where I am or what I am doing!  Weeeeeee!

In addition to this gross violation of my person, it appears my learned colleague and esteemed compadre Alexander is also unwell.  I shant embarass him by revealing the symptoms but I gather something has gone gangrene and fallen orf.  ‘Doink’.  Get well soon old chap.

So.  What a shower of shinola we both are?!?!  I’m unwell, baldies under the weather; and no we don’t have Asian flu or yellow fever like it says in National Geographic.  Flaming cheek!

Oh well, as of today I get 22 days more holiday entitlement to use until 31.03.09; assuming work don’t sack me for blogging smegloads of here.  I’m looking forward to shaking off this lurgy and start doing some tunes again!!  TOOOOONS!

OK, drugs now please.

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  1. Leonie

    I can’t belive its April and people are still suffering from sort of cold. This must be the worst year for bugs.

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