I had dentist this morning, and boy was it fun!  It all got rather messy and I bled everywhere due to a slight complication (my old dentist did a crap job of the root canal which broke) and is now thankfully corrected.  My dentist asked where my surname was from whilst reviewing my history (I registered with a new practice before my trip due to the broken tooth).  One of these days I’m going to say I got it from Argos.

So, I told him, the truth and suprise surprise, he’s Indian. He also lived in Tanzania (rather like my colleague Hitesh), then England, then Pakistan, South Africa and finally back to the UK.  Very interesting guy.  Turns out he had to get the same front tooth as I had crowned (aged 10) because he fell out of bed in Karachi, on to a stone floor.  Ouch.  That’s his tooth, not mine, I lost mine due to a freak swimming pool accident!

I had a really funky conversation with him and he gave me some really good advice about my gnashers.  At one point he had to take a mould of my teeth and asked if I had done an impression before.  I replied “Yes, I can do a really good Ghandi” and he laughed pretty hard before finally continuing on and drilling my face.  Good old Indian Camaraderie!  I almost didn’t feel bad about being charged several hundred quid for the toof!

So, for 11 days I now have a temporary silver cap in place until I go back for the porcelein crown to be fitted.  I feel like a cross between Jaws in James Bond, a complete pimp and Long John Silver.  Or should that be Long Dong Silver……..yeeehaw! 

Sorry, I think I might be intoxicated from the injection.  Ahem.

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