Rainbow Six – Vegas 2 ** COMPLETED **

Last week Dilli (ACE Clan leader) and I quite literally stormed through the online story mode of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (XBOX360 version).  We did the majority of the game in one night, leaving 3 acts to polish up two days later.  And I have to say I was pretty impressed.  There was absolutely zero frame rate lag, it ran smoothly and I thought the lighting etc was top notch.

Speaking to friends on Xbox live regarding Vegas 2 most seem to have the opinion that it is just a very tweaked and polished version of the first game, and I’m inclined to agree; although to be fair I loved the first to death so a Vegas 2.1 is extremely welcome. 

It still encompasses everything I like from the first game, add to that a new run feature (the previous game involved a lot of slow movement and careful planning, so the fact you can run at your opponents and break cover quickly mixes things up nicely).  Effects on things like heat and night vision goggles are improved a great deal.

I have to say, the level design and online map structure is bloody fantastic, I genuinely take my hat off to the designers because they’re so well thought out and gave a completely fresh feel to the sequel compared to the very claustrophobic maps in the first game.  I am also a huge fan of the aptly named ACE levelling system (I’ve been a member of the ACE clan since November 2004, so nice that they named it after us!  HA!).

Anyway, there’s still a fair bit to crack in the game yet, the single player story mode will be fun to try, plus obviously there’s the online PvP modes of gaming, (with servers which don’t boast a particularly regular population; most likely due to the fact that everyone is either on Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV or Call of Duty 4) which is a shame because I really think the game is excellent and there are times I can’t be bothered with the online U.S.A. Vs U.K. bickering on Call of Duty 4.  It’s not my fault you keep getting in the way of bullets you troublesome yank teens!  Be quick or be dead!!!!  God save the Queen etc.

Anyway, Rainbox Six Las Vegas 2 gets my official Antikrish endorsement.  Buy it.