Guildwars – The continuing adventures of ‘Eat More Food’ and ‘The Antikrish’

Given that Alex and I have both started doing music again and partaking in the time honoured tradition of ordering take aways (eating enough for 4 people); Alex suggested that I borrow an unused copy of ‘Guildwars’ (thanks Josie!) and reignite our tradition for online gaming.

Al and I have enjoyed playing online games via our PC’s (PC stands for personal computer and not police constable in this instance) for yonks and yonks (a long time); often indulging in Unreal Tournament (bang bang), Diablo 2 (kerpow gadzooks) and my personal fave, Age of Empires 2 – The Conquerors Expansion (parp).

Guildwars is very much a natural progression from Diablo 2, an online role playing game with a self contained world full of magic, collectable items, monsters and sharpened sticks for gamers to throw at said nasties.

I was a little skeptical at first, given that my home desktops aren’t capable of playing hi-tech games because of their age; however I soon discovered that the laptop I had purchased in the States is more than capable of generating the online splendour that is Guildwars. Huzzah.

After a few hours in the game I quickly grew to like how relaxing it is. In short, It’s fantastic, and there’s no bloody fee either! Alex and I are typically ‘Indian’ in our reluctance to pay out a monthly fee for a game like Warcraft when Guildwars is pukka enough and did I mention it’s free?!?!

Anyway, I eventually returned Josie’s copy (hopefully she’ll team up with us at some point) and bought my own, created an own account and am now the proud owner of a level 7 warrior called…..yep, you guessed it, ‘The Antikrish’, Alex has a slightly higher level bald monk (can you see a theme here?) called ‘Eat More Food’ and together we are bringing justice to the realm!

Anyway, I’ll stick up some screenies and updates regarding our exciting adventures shortly. Should you fancy joining us then grab a copy HERE.


EDIT : KEV – First piccy – ‘An unfortunate viewpoint?’