Antikrish – Downtime

Thanks to all those who e mailed to advise that the site was down; it was actually rather funky knowing that there’s a fair few of you out there in that have a gander at the site.   I’m touched, genuinely.

I gather a sprocket wotsit or a doo-dah gasket failed somewhere over in Yanksville and Alex’s server went ffffffffft (much to his great annoyance let me tell you).  Don’t you just hate it when things don’t work properly?!?  I’m tenuously posting today in the hope that the server problems are all sorted and that it doesn’t all crash again.  If anything it’s made me appreciate that we do have this funky resource here and I’m going to make sure we have some decent stuff to fill it with.

So, thank you to the server geeks in America (In spods we trust!!!!!) for getting their act into gear, and also muchos kudos to El Baldie for sorting everything out as usual.