Manchester United – Champions of England, Champions of Europe, again.

Why am I posting this?  Antikrish is meant to be warts and all, and this is me at my most open.

I am quite literally crying with joy, I have been a supporter of Manchester United since my dad first took me to a game when I was 8 years old after watching United win the FA Cup in 1985.  Dad was a lifelong fan, it was almost his life as to a degree it is mine; especially considering we went practically each weekend for years.

Experiencing tonights European Cup Final with my nephew Kai was absolutely worth it’s weight in gold, especially given how passionate he is becoming about the game and seeing his face when we won.  Although I felt very numb at Dads absence I couldn’t help but think of the new generation I am encouraging, Antikrish mark 2 perhaps?  Ha!

Whilst I know many of you will never understand my addiction to Manchester United and football, it will forever be a link and a reminder to the person in my life that has inspired me most, drives me on and makes me strive to be better than I am.  Indeed, I feel refreshed and renewed spiritually, it’s difficult to explain.

Anyway, am totally over the moon. CHAMPIONS!

p.s.  It really was poetic justice that John Terry missed Chelsea’s penalty after he blatantly cleared his nose onto Carlos Tevez.  He did NOT spit, he grabbed one nostril closed and blew the contents of the other over Carlos’s neck. You reap what you sow…… filthy animal.