John Terry Spitting at Tevez ‘mystery’

I am absolutely astounded as to how the footballing community and the media have totally put a wall around the ‘snotting’ (not spitting) incident that occured during the Champions league final (see my last post).

I’ve spoken to a good dozen people now who clearly saw Terry blow his nose over Tevez’s neck deliberately, footage was put up on youtube but has been taken down by Uefa due to copyright laws; nice and convenient…….

Tevez, full marks to him just got on with it, he hasn’t said anything in the game and you can see in remaining clips around certain sites that he clearly wipes his neck in disgust and just walks off. Major respect to him for doing that because you could see how badly Terry wanted to even up the player numbers by getting a reaction out of him.

The messageboards and forums are totally ablaze with people who saw it, and I was pretty warmed to see Chelsea and Manchester United fans on various boards damning Terry for this. I think it’s only a matter of time before fan power makes Uefa reveal the footage and Terry is charged. 

A couple of fringe articles can be found HERE, HERE and HERE.

This is disgraceful and a far cry from how I remember football being as a kid.  Yes, there was always idiots in the crowd (something which has been almost totally stamped out at Old Trafford), but I can’t ever recall something like this before on the pitch.  Hopefully they will make an example out of this animal and ban him for a year with no pay.  THAT would be fantastic.

If they don’t, well, we all know how there are certain untouchables in football.  Scum.

Picture is HERE!!!!