Bathtime overtime

Well, it’s 10pm on a Friday night and most people are out right now trying their hardest to get involved in something crayyyyzeeee and, like, totally impress all their colleagues with the story when they get back into the office on Monday. I for one tend to yawn very, very openly when I hear people participating in one of these glorified pissing contests whilst in the staffroom (that we share with people from other floors, who are generally the offenders). Yawn, yawn, yawny yawn.

However, in the grand spirit of fitting in I thought I’d do something zaney and completely off the wall (and all those other MAD cliches that I know Alex can’t stand) so I can chip in when someone asks me what I did with my Friday night.

“Come on then what did you do? Bungee jumping into shark infested waters was it Kev? Tickling a wild tiger with a piece of celery maybe? Drinking 50 pints, throwing up on a ming dynasty rug and then posting it to the Chinese in a ‘free Tibet’ protest? No?!?? Well, what did you do Kev?!?!?”

Right now, I’m sitting in the bath. The bath I say! I have my laptop on a coffee table next to me, and I’m being paid time and a half to pay claims!!! BEING PAID TO SIT NAKED IN THE BATH!!!! Beat that all you totally mad fuckers!

I’m not only thinking out of the box, but I’m wet too!