See you next Tuesday

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are two of my favourite comedians (Goes for Al as well); and I can think of nobody else who can nail satire or parody as well as them. I have always thought their ‘Derek and Clive’ characters were absolutely genius, parodising two average working class cockney guys setting the world to rights in the most self righteous manner possible. It still hits very close to home even now (Al and I can do a very good impression of this when we’re drunkenarerd).

One of my favourite sketches is called ‘This bloke came up to me’; the material for Derek and Clive was mainly improvised and the original sketch has me in fits of laughter. I begin frothing at the mouth I tell you, like a really crap Mr Whippy ice cream maker.

I was browsing youpube tonight and I found a rather funny video which I’ve included below. It almost sounds like my mum talking to a random relative at a family Christmas/birthday/wedding type do. Scarily actually.

Gawd blimey.