Listening to chooons

Tonight is the second night in a row that I’ve been doing musical bits, It’s fair to say I’ve done bugger all lately.  Last night I picked up the acoustic and barely put it down, scales, chords, running through some old songs Alex and I did together (blah de blah), it was a great feeling.  Indeed, compared to fragging things mindlessly on the xbox it was heavenly; I actually felt slightly ashamed at how quickly I had forgotten such simple pleasures again.

Sitting at work today I promised myself I wouldn’t get caught up in the electronic maelstrom that is the intersnot (save for this post obviously), nor would I go on microshits box of gadget tonight.  I held true to my promise, tonight I literally just sat listening to music, both fiddling on some recordings on the Tascam when I got in, and later on I rifled through my music collection on the PC; it struck me as strange that I rarely do that anymore either.

Ten years ago you would have had a sure bet that I listened to an album per day, now, well, I get distracted by, erm, things and I think it’s about time I put my foot down because I’m starting to get immensely pissed off with myself when it gets to 1am and I’ve done fuck all with my spare time once again!!!!!.

Alex sent me an e mail in the week saying he’d like to start doing some simple acoustic guitar bits again and see if we can record anything that way until Ghandi invests in some new drums. Twang.

Turned out nice again.