But I Carry On – Work in progress

Phew, I’m knackered having spent the last 4 hours laying down a very, very basic idea on my Tascam multitrack recorder to show how the ‘Marvin’ riff (see the video on this post for details) fits into the original chord structure of ‘But I Carry On’.

The result = perfect fit.

I haven’t got Alex’s opinion on it yet but my personal first impression is that it doesn’t interfer with the original vocal line at all which is pretty cool to say the least (I was worried it might).  I still find it hard to believe that I came up with the ‘Marvin’ riff during a jam and the whole time it was actually an older song.  Spooky.  Anyway, I’ll have a listen in the morning to see what fresh ears can make of it.  Nothing like ’24 hour can syndrome’ to piss you off let me tell you!

All that aside, I feel pretty good having really poured some effort into some music again; depending on what Kojak says I might stick a snippet up sometime tomorrow.