Wizdum teef, moosic n Halloweiner

Bonjour to all (especially all you debauched ladies out there, honk honk).

Oh my, where to begin?  Well, on the 28th October 2008 I underwent an operation to have two wisdom teeth pulled out.  It was performed in hospital under a local anaesthetic (I would have preferred a dentist but one wasn’t available) and have to say that overall I’ve been rather lucky with the whole experience.

It involved a few injections, loads of pressure (they held my head and put all sorts of contraptions in my mouth), pliers on the tooth and CRRRRRRRRRRRRRUNCH, they were gone; the crunch bit was particularly awesome I have to say.  I think I freaked the surgeon out a little because I was openly fascinated by the whole process; I was rather saddened by the fact I wasn’t allowed to keep the teeth.  Medical waste my artichoke! 

I count myself as very fortunate because I didn’t feel any pain at all throughout the procedure and the pain has generally been under control with some wicked strength Ibuprofen (except the last couple of nights where I’ve woken up in pain).  So there we have it, I can only hope now that the left side heals as much as possible before I have the other 2 teeth out on the 11th November, 2008.  Can’t wait.

Suprisingly, I was well enough to work from home the same day I had the operation and felt OK to return back into the office the following day.  I would like to thank colleagues and fwends at this point for their well-wishing and generally putting up with me when I’ve been a bit grumpy and lathargic this week.  Big shout to Baldy for recommending Warzone, a game I played a fair bit over the last few days. Very funky and I urge you all to try it.

Given the irritation of my teeth I spent the weekend relaxing and doing pretty much bugger all.  On Friday night I finally took possession of my first motorbike (an Aprilia RS125) which I fell in love with upon sight (pics to follow tonight, oh yes, and I have pictures of birthday pizza which I’ll also post tonight).  Can’t wait to get out and about on it, especially down to Selsey (South coast of England) during the summer. 

Saturday I had a quick go at recording ‘Carry on’ with the new Latin arrangement, had a few ideas with the percussion, I was however a little peeved at how muddy the acoustic guitar sounded for the riff which is strange really considering how crisp it sounded for the chords on track 1.  Strange, it’s just so bassy.  May need to change the strings but think I’ll save some pennies and buy a nice new acoustic for Christmas along with a good mic and the decent pair of cans that Alex keeps telling me I must buy.  Fwap. 

Sunday I spent the morning checking over the bike along with scanning through the workshop manual; I can honestly say that I never expected to be so enthralled with the mechanics of motor vehicles as I do these days.  That said, I took G.C.S.E workshop engineering at school and regularly used lathes so perhaps I’ve just come full circle to that?  Interesting.  I still have the pendulum I made somewhere for the practical.  “Lube Krishnan, you must use lube!!!!”.  “But Sir, it looks like jizz!!!!”.

The rest of my Sunday was spent playing Red Alert 3 with a couple of friends, it’s by far the best real time strategy game I’ve played since Age of Empires 2; the units are so well balanced and the graphics are very snazzy.  I don’t think zapping guard dogs or disgruntled bears using prism laser defenses will ever stop appealing to my dark sense of humour.  ‘arrrf arrrf…..fssssh zing peooow…..ooook’.

I should like to finish off this particular entry by saying how chuffed I was to see Halloween so well organised this year; I have such amazing memories walking around strobe-lit American neighbourhoods that pumped out various spooky tunes and audio effects.  People there go all out to get into the swing of things (You know who you are Brad! ) and it’s fantastically good fun. 

In contrast, citizens of the United Kingdom normally get street urchins knocking their doors for cash rather than sweets (presumably to fund their Redbull addiction?) and are armed with fireworks, however this year I witnessed kids being chaperoned by parents, politely knocking for sweets.  I can only hope that this trend continues rather than the old ‘tradition’ of letting off airbombs through Mrs Miggins letterbox because she’s too scared to answer the door!

Trick or treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!