Barak Obama – President of the USA

Blimey, I hoped Barak Obama would get in; but I must confess I never fully expected it to actually happen; I’ve secretly been harbouring a genuine fear that the ‘good old boy’ network of American may actually come out in force to vote and push John McCain over the finish line. 

Everytime I saw something in the news about McCain’s campaign I began to picture old man McCain sauntering up the White House front lawn and suddenly croaking it; leaving Sarah “Medievally-minded Barbie” Palin in the hotseat.  I shudder profusely at the possibility.   

I am truly thankful he chose her as his running mate, I am now convinced that the majority of people in America couldn’t stomach her extremely narrow minded and backward Evangelical ways (for god sakes she’d already picked out what countries she wanted to nuke in the name of the Lord!).  I can feel myself staring at her whenever she’s on television or in the papers; purely to remind myself that people like her really do exist and it’s not all some elaborate windup.  Lets just hope she buggers off back to her cave along with anyone else who agrees with her Medieval opinions.

Anyway, I am hopeful that old Barak chops will continue bringing much needed change to America.  It flipping well needs it.

One more question (Columbo eat your heart out), can they sack George W Bush NOW please?