Birthday Pizza………finally!

First of all, muchos apologies to Josie for the delay in posting these pictures!

I’ve been meaning to pop a couple of pictures of my birthday luncheon up on the site so that you can all salivate over the culinary delights I was presented with back in October (Muchos respect to Head Chef Alex and Sioux Chef Josie!). Both Al and Josie made the pizzas (and the best chips, sadly not pictured) from scratch, right in front of me I might add which was bloody torture. Thankfully, a Corona lager with lime made the wait that much more enjoyable.  Chin chin!

With no sign of the credit crunch or starving African children, the dynamic duo assembled what would be their masterpiece(s). A variety of different rolls and pitta bread were used for bases; add some homemade pizza sauce and sumptuous toppings and wang……… voila! It’s also the first time I’ve ever had Mackerel (on pizza or anything else) and it was gorgeous along with the prawns, tuna and mixture of cheeses. I’m genuinely salivating again. Blimey.

So here we go, this is a picture of yours truly and Monsieur la calvacie. Josie seems to have captured the point perfectly after we’d scoffed the first round of pizzas, and were just tucking into the second round which included some dried chillis that burnt the tip of my tongue quite considerably!.  They were definately the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted, and I’m not just saying that!  I am only sad that there aren’t pictures of Josies chips, rum drinking shenanigans or video footage playing Guitar Hero dancing.  Twas the perfick birfinday and make no mistake guvna.  Fanks!