He-man – Anglo Indian??!?

Hmmmmmmmm.  Why does Prince Adam suddenly get a slight tan when he changes into He-Man?  My theory is that I reckon he’s actually Anglo Indian.

It all fits.  Big strapping build, blonde hair and then ‘BANG’, sword gets waved about in a camp fashion, lightning all over the fucking place, a deep voice and a slight peanut tan appears out of nowhere along with really confused chameleon hair which can’t make up it’s mind if it’s dark brown or heading towards ginger.  Definately Anglo Indian.

Check out around 0:32 seconds for the tan change……

I also suspect Orko may be from Pakistan originally.  My sources tell me that he lost his legs in a freak freight train accident and eventually learned to levitate thanks to the power of his nag champas.

Cringer is just a cunt, and if he was in a bar fight I’d glass him (you’d have to use a crossbow or something with range if he was Battlecat though?)

Sorceress = TITS!