Phoenix – ‘Fine vision’ adhesive visor lens

Have you suffered from a fogged-up visor whilst you’re out and about?  When served by the attractive young woman at the deli counter in Tesco’s when your ticket flashes up on the ticket flashy thing, when you’re about to pay for condoms in the pharmacy or even when riding a motorbike in colder climes?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes!” then fear not, relief is at hand!!

Enduring a fogged-up visor is a royal pain in the arse, and even a professional footballer realises that this can be flipping dangerous.  So, being a responsible sort of chap (ahem) I asked a very experienced biker chum who recommended that I try a visor insert; a rather handy little gadget designed to reduce fogging.  Nice one Andy me old china!

A visor insert, or ‘adhesive lens’ is basically a way of putting double glazing inside your visor; the pocket of air in between the lens and visor stops fogging.  Simple eh?  You position the lens, guide your finger around the adhesive perimeter and leave to sit for 24 hours and they hey presto!  No more fogging!

For £10, you can’t go wrong (unless you apply it in a wonky fashion and ruin your visor……) – WEBSITE – PHOENIX ADHESIVE VISOR LENS


My old metalwork teacher told me that if you want to stop your glasses fogging up, get a little Vaseline on a cloth, apply and rub it into the glasses on both sides and then just polish until clear.  If you apply this to a bathroom mirror then it’s rather handy when shaving!