Lucky number seven

I sit writing this particular entry in my newly decorated room (Gallery with images will appear on the site tomorrow sometime), it’s all rather glam I have to say.

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and it’s something of a tradition for me to enjoy the very simple things in life that my old man taught me were so important. I started the day having a longer lie in bed, listened to the blackbirds singing out in our back garden for a bit and then eventually got up, had a bacon sandwich…..actually, I had two but who’s counting? When I read that back it reminds me of lyrics to a Karen “I’ll show them I’m fat!!!” Carpenter song?

I had hoped to get out and head to the coast on the bike this morning, however Jack Frost and bike wheels aren’t the best of friends so I gave that a miss. In all honesty I still have so much stuff to put back into my room after decorating and need to get all that back in here; the contents of my bedroom have been languishing in the spare room since my little project began just over a week ago.

So right now I have all of my DVDs and games strewn out over my double bed; in true Antikrish O.C.D. stylee I have to evaluate them into rarely used, occasionally used and frequently used before I stick them up on the shelves. Having spoken to a few chums today I think I might actually be a bit odd doing this? I actually feel a bit reluctant putting all the stuff back in here; I no longer want all the crap cluttering things up. Plus, there are less expensive/cluttered ways of acquiring games and films these days??!?! Yoink, yoink, yoink.

Now I have popped the F.A. Cup footy on………I have a feeling that it’s going to be a day of happy procrastination………

Hope you all enjoy your Sunday, whatever you’re doing.

Happy birthday Dad 🙂 x