89438943 minute makeover.

Thought I’d throw up some photos and video that highlighted the amount of work that went into my room when Paul (my sisters chap) and I decorated last weekend.

As you can see, gone are the lime green/lemon yellow two tone colour scheme of old. Also gone is the hideous Frankenstein’s carpet effort which did it’s best to cover the original floorboards. And of course, gone are all the mismatched units purchased over a few years.

When I look back at this, it all seems worthwhile and I’d just like to thank Paul again for all the help he gave me; I could have done it without him, but it would have looked like Helen Keller had been let loose on some flat-pack furniture.

Now, ladies and gentleman, I give you…….chez Antikrish.




There’s also a few piccies below which show the room at various stages.