Coal – Bar and Grill – Wimbledon

Thought I’d quickly mention my visit to ‘Coal’; a nice bar/grill restaurant that’s right next door to the Odeon cinema in Wimbledon high street.

I had visited it before it became a ‘coal’; back then the kitchen was open plan and I quite missed seeing someone flame grill my food before I eat it. I have always been of the impression that you pay someone a fairly good amount of money for eating out, so you might as well watch them do it and get your money’s worth? Probably why most of my favourite buffets, restaurants and cafes are all open plan come to think of it in their own way!

Anyway, they do an excellent 2 courses for £7.95 menu down there, good selection too. I generally found the options and prices to be similar to that of Frankie and Benny’s (another favourite of mine) but ‘Coal’ edges it slightly on the variety of choices.

I opted for a ‘Coalburger’ (original……) and Angelo had the jalapeno burger; both of which were presented nicely and with a good size portion (oooh errrr Matron!). Special mention must go to the handcut coleslaw and chunky chips too; although the burger itself was superbly cooked and presented in a nice rustic bun.

VERDICT = 8.5 out of 10! – sexy blonde Polish waitresses dressed in tight black clothing earned ‘Coal’ an extra point!.