Angelo and I went to see Saw 3D last night over in Wimbledon; a smaller non-IMAX screen this time which was a shame, would have been nice to have seen it in the same theatre that we saw ‘Resident Evil – Afterlife’ in.

I must confess that I only got into the Saw films this year and thoroughly enjoyed a marathon of watching them back to back and was really looking forward to the ‘final’ installment.

Overall, I thought the film provided a very satisfying conclusion to the Jigsaw saga; personally, I felt that the film ran a little too quickly at times in it’s pursuit to tie up all the loose ends, and focused too much on the chase whilst showcasing all 11 trap scenes rather than find time for the slower and more intense psychological storyboards that I really enjoy.   Such moments defined the story for me, not the traps.

There were two standout scenes for me that fitted into this category, a flashback scene with Jigsaw at a book signing (brilliant!) and the Jigsaw survival support group scene where Doctor Gordon shows a fantastically cynical side to his personality.  Bravo Cary Elwes; take a bow!

Don’t get me wrong; I thought the trap scenes were fantastic and brilliantly thought out.  The garage scene in particular was absolutely amazing.

I had to laugh out loud at the people in front of me who reacted very, very badly to the scene where a guy has to pull out two of his own back teeth with a pair of pliers to get a combination for a code lock.  Ha ha ha, cringers!

The 3D element was certainly effective at times with limbs and body parts hurled at you; although I am finding the use of the 3D technology to be a little predictable already.

I would be very disappointed if this is the last Saw film; purely because it’d be a shame not to see where they can go with the new Jigsaw.  They certainly tied things up very nicely with regards to Jigsaw’s legacy, but left things very open to the possibility of furthering it through his apprentice.  IT’S DOCTOR GORDON!!!!!  If you didn’t guess that, I think you’d best stick to watching simple detective programmes like Father Downing-Syndromes and Murder She Scrote.

Game over!  Do do do, do do doooooo do, do do do!