Brett’s trip to London – Part 1 (Monday)

We arrived back from Normandy on the Sunday evening; so it was pretty amazing that Brett and Amy managed to get up on Monday morning, let alone tackle a full day of sightseeing!!!

I enjoyed seeing Brett’s facial expression change as we emerged up the staircase from the tube station into Trafalgar Square, Amy had her ‘Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and the matching fridge magnet” face on whilst we both watched him tackle his first souvenir stand.



An open top deck tour bus tour thankfully did all the effort whilst we sat listening to a Geordie tour guide churn out informative facts (and bad jokes) about London’s many historic landmarks and places of interest.  In reflection this was most definitely for the best because London was heaving with tourists ahead of Friday’s impending Royal Wedding between Prince William and that plain looking brunette chick; that and the fact that it was about 25 degrees Celsius, a mini Easter heatwave!

I very much enjoyed doing the rounds on the bus, we fitted in pretty much a weeks worth of sightseeing into a few hours before popping off to Oxford Street to tackle Primark.  Brett and I managed 10 minutes before we walked out, purchases complete.  Amy managed almost 45 minutes before being equally repulsed by the swarms of shoppers trying to find a shirt for £1.

We finished off Monday with a Cockney walk along the SouthBank and mediocre dinner at my favourite Thameside pub before heading up to the London Eye.


I love being up on the London Eye; the sun had set and central London was lit up in breathtaking fashion, had to stiffle the odd chuckle whilst a group of enthusiastic Italians exlaimed “BIGGIE BENNIE!!!!” when the old clock came into view.  A brilliant end to a fantastic day out!


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