Brett’s trip to London – Part 2 (Tuesday)

Amy went to Liverpool on Tuesday to visit some friends; which left Brett and I to explore the Tower of London!  It was another cracking day of sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.  25 degrees celsius?  Ding dong!

After 4 hours of touring the tower we had a ’99’ ice cream down by the Thames .  Was fun seeing the Crown Jewels, the Armoury (note the ‘u’ in the word armoury please!) and we both walked along the battlements whilst I indulged a ‘defend the tower!!!’ scenario in my head.   I loved visiting the Tower of London as a kid, it certainly seemed a lot smaller this time around for some reason!  Probably something to do with the fact that the average person back then was something of a shortarse 🙂


Our next stop was the Imperial War Museum; Mum took great delight in telling me that the museum used to be the local Asylum back when she was little, which kinda creeped me out a bit! I did love walking around her old stomping grounds though, wondered what it must have been like to grow up like she did in post-war Britain.

The Imperial War Museum rocks, the huge guns that are situated outside immediately set the scene and brought out the sort of wonder that I remember having as a kid about the place.  Brett found a piece of the Berlin Wall outside which was cool to see, the slogan ‘Change your life’ is sprayed over the surface of the wall in graffiti.


I was stunned when I walked into the museum itself, there are planes hung from the ceilings, a V2 rocket, a doodlebug bomb, a WW1 tank, Montgomery’s desert tank and the cockpit of a Halifax and Lancaster Bomber.  I found it rather amusing trying to get around inside the Halifax bomber; I simply could not fit and it is for that same reason why my Mum’s father was restricted to being on AA guns and could not be a pilot (in the RAF after the war).

We sadly had to cut our Holocaust exhibition short because the museum closed (bugger!), but we saw enough.  Man is capable of much evil…….


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We trudged off from North Lambeth back up to Green Park where the whole of London had parked themselves onto deck chairs, from there we walked down the final part of the Mall up to Buckingham Palace so that Brett could visit Queen Elizabeth II.  I think my feet were just about ready to fall off at this point so we sat on Queen Victoria’s memorial by the fountain and took in the sights.    This explains why I was chatting utter crap by this point.