Trip to Oxford (Wednesday)

Brett and I ventured out to Oxford by train whilst Amy continued her adventure in Liverpool; the train journey out from London Paddington took about an hour in total, gorgeous green fields ran alongside yellow Barley crops and washed away the dirty smoggy streets of London of yesterday.

I had been very much looking forward to this trip because Brett and I were on equal footing; neither of us had been here before and it was going to be a new experience for both of us.  Arriving inside Oxford train station I noticed a tourist information booth and we quickly signed up for, yes, you guessed it, another tour bus ride!   Wooohoooo!!!  £13 all day, hop on, hop off, great value!  All the whilst my face enjoyed another day of glorious sunshine!

Oxford really reminded me of the city of Winchester; beautiful architecture at every turn, history everywhere you looked, and brick lanes in the town centre.  It was gorgeous riding around and seeing everything as we went.  The colleges and grounds associated to them certainly held their own interest, but I loved the simplicity of how the town functioned around the tourism and for all the splendid gardens in and around the city centre, not forgetting the canals that also run through it.

3 times we went around on the tour bus.  3 times!  We hopped on, hopped off, it was fantastic value for money; as was the rack of BBQ ribs we enjoyed in ‘Giraffe’, a restaurant near the bus station.

The only down point – The young ‘juggling’ gentleman who kept dropping his flaming batons, not so good………..

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