Sonic – America’s Drive-in Restaurant

Sonic burgers are amazing.

I think I’ve spoken before about my love for going to Sonic.  It’s old fashioned, you can drive up, hit the telecom button, tell someone what you want and they bring it out on rollerskates!

Well, normally they do.  One poor guy made the fatal mistake of bringing out the wrong sandwich to Amy; and he got reminded about EXACTLY what should have been in her choice!


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2 thoughts on “Sonic – America’s Drive-in Restaurant

  1. Ray Green

    Sonic is a ripoff. Every value meal has a different price for the medium fries and medium drink according to what ever main item you order. You may pay anywhere from $1.90 to 2.10 or 2.20 for the same medium fries and drink, pending on the main item or sandwich you order, check for yourself. Their chili has got to be the worst, its been the same nasty chili for the past 25 to 30 years,extra long coneys use to be my favorite and I cant stand to choke one down. And the pea ice they use, takes up all the volume of the cup that very little beverage actually gets in the cup. I live in a small town where Sonic is the only fastfood restruant around, but I’d rather drive 15 to 20 miles out of the way just to eat somewhere else. Rarely does Sonic get my business mostly half price drinks, and I still feel cheated.

  2. Kevin Post author

    Thanks for leaving a comment; I must admit, the franchise has seen better days!

    Saying that, the burger I had was top notch; no complaints here!

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