Alresford, Hampshire

Alresford is a lovely little town about 2 miles outside of Winchester, full of delightful tea rooms, shops and places of Medieval interest.

I saw a documentary on it quite recently; showing how Winchester and the towns surrounding it would import brick and slate from Bruges.  I really loved going to Bruges; the similarities between the cities is astounding.  Suppose it makes sense in that they used the same construction supplies and techniques?

My favourite thing about Alresford is the old Pulmans Railway; you can book up a steam train ride for a reasonable price, I had a quick look around on the platform and enjoyed seeing the old signal tower still in operation before the train chugged away.

The river Arle or Arle (from whence the town getsthiths nameth ‘Olde English speak’) runs around the outskirt of the town, you can see sizeable Trout in the clear waters as you head down alongside it.  There were also some lovely thatch roof cottages down there too which reminded me of Selsey!

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