Selsey – Revisited (again)

Popped to Selsey again, was really different going by car this time rather than by the bike!………different in a good way though.

Going by car meant that I was able to relax and take everything in a lot more; whereas on the bike you begin to ache a little after about an hour and are generally a lot more fearful of potholes and the chance that you’ll get ambushed by a Deer with a deathwish at any time!

Selsey was SO quiet as well, it felt a bit odd to tell you the truth.  I think the videos I have attached below show that!

As always, the Riviera Restaurant (Rivvy!!!) was great value for money, although even the Rivvy was quiet (you NEVER saw an empty table back in the day!).

D SECTION – (Site where our caravan used to be)

WHITE HORSE – Ballroom, Harness Room, Anne’s Prize Bingo and all that jazz.

WEST SANDS – Embassy and swimming pool

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