Las Vegas to Los Angeles – Friday 21st of October, 2011

Friday morning I woke up without a hangover, a miracle given how much I’d tequila I’d drunk the night before!  We didn’t have enough time to frequent the stunning swimming pools, yet another thing I shall do when I return on a future trip!

We left the hotel a little later than our planned departure time and went Downtown Las Vegas to get some souvenirs and last minute shopping bargains; this meant that we arrived into the Los Angeles area around rush hour, I felt physically sick at seeing a 12 mile tailback for people coming out of LA, presumably to escape the city for the weekend!

We arrived at the Belamar Hotel in Manhattan beach and I enjoyed fish and chips (California Style) before heading down to the hotel jacuzzi and pool.  The Jacuzzi spa was heaven after the 5-6 hour journey, again Amy had done us proud and gotten us there in one piece.

The concierge at the hotel had confirmed that we had complimentary bikes and we went to bed exhausted, but with a plan to get up and cycle to Manhattan beach which was a mile or so down the road from the hotel.

The Belamar was great value for money and resonated the chilled out vibe that California is well known for.

A token shot of Los Angeles at night; shit isn’t it?