Viva Las Vegas – Thursday 20th of October, 2011

Lorraine and I came down from our hotel and went straight into the Hotel Casino.  I didn’t feel ‘lucky’ so avoided the tables, had a quick dable on the fruit machines with $30 and then went out for a stroll around the strip!

Las Vegas is simply Disneyland for audits.  It is FUN with a capital F for fucking amazing. It is difficult to do the atmosphere there justice; the only way I can describe it is that everyone was there to have fun, there was no trouble amongst the crowds of partygoers (I refuse to use the word reveller), and everyone seemed to be having a great time amidst the madness of fireworks, pirate ship battles (at the Treasure Island Casino) , erupting volcano’s and neon lights aplenty!

My eyes almost popped out of my head with the amount of eye candy and visual stimulation; I was obviously appauled to see so many scantily clad young ladies sauntering around.  Ahem.  OUTRAGEOUS!

We stumbled upon a Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville outdoor bar; I am a huge Margarita fan and Lorraine did not hesitate in getting a round in.  The round consisted of ‘The Worlds Biggest Margarita’, one for each of us and only $20 USD per person, or $50 for free refills over a weekend.  Free refills on that?  Oh my.  I’d die!  I ended up drinking mine, and a good amount of Lorraine’s because she didn’t like it too much.  Guess it just wasn’t Woo Woo eh Rainy?

We had a good look around the strip, took in the sights of the Eifel tower replica, shame we didn’t get a chance to go back to Caesars Palace (we briefly passed through to go to a buffet earlier) and there’s an incredible amount that I’d like to go back and see over the course of a mad weekend (watch this space).

Rainy and I found so many funky looking bars with live music and cocktails, people drinking out of a yard of ale, and the bars all had a pass entry system with security.  I didn’t see any of the negative aspects to Las Vegas that I’d heard about, the only disturbing thing was seeing people giving out escort cards; but I’m used to that in London so no biggie?

Lorraine found a group of Elvis impersonators, a guy dressed as Homer Simpson, Woody and Buzz from Toy Story and a group of kids who were performing dance, beat boxing and singing on a street corner.  Instantly made anything on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ look like utter shit.

It was about 1am that I felt ‘lucky’, so we headed back to the Palazzo Casino…………

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