Saints Row 3 – Xbox 360

Saints Row 3 is an absolute corker of a game and exceptionally good fun to play; especially with someone who appreciates the vast amount of crazy humour within the game.  Cue Mr Takis A.K.A. ‘Ghostly Yakuza’.

I was lucky enough to win the Saints Row 3 game in an Black Friday deal this week, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it until the price came down a bit!   I got my game yesterday, and spent a good hour on it last night driving around the carefully created world so lovingly created by the developers.

You can tell that Saints Row 3 was a labour of love for the people who designed it, it runs so much more fluidly than Grand Theft Auto 4 (which gives me motion sickness) and is a pleasure to just ride around in their fantastic city playworld; stealing cars and shooting random people within the neighbourhood from out the window of a moving vehicle.

The campaign throws you in at the deep end with a really funny parody of the ‘Dead Presidents’ bank heist in one of my favourite films; ‘Point Break’.  The oversized mask/heads really made me laugh and that eventually lead to the design of my own character.

Angelo’s Dad is an absolute legend, so I decided to base my character on him, hopefully I did him justice, although I had to settle for a ‘zombie’ voice rather than the heavy Greek tones; the voice somehow fit with the tinted shade glasses and 5 O’clock shadow and we were on our way.

Angelo decided to play with one of his bitches, and promptly played with his character naked (humorously censored I might add!) throughout the game.

NOTHING can quite prepare you for the ‘Whores’ (Hoard) Mode’ which saw me beating hookers up with a giant floppy lightsaber style implement which was actually a massive pink dildo whilst dressed in a dog outfit!

The whole game is just very polished and is fucking nuts, and I can see many an hour being spent doing quests and just sodding about.

Hopefully the videos below convey the enjoyment of the game.

VIDEO 1 – Antikrish and Ghostly Yakuza ride again!

VIDEO 2 – Antikrish and Ghostly Yakuza versus the system!


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2 thoughts on “Saints Row 3 – Xbox 360

  1. Peds

    I can only echo your comments on this game. I loved it. Managed to play through the entire campaign and didn’t get bored once. Never managed that with any of the GTA games. It’s not short either. Took about 20 hours to get 100% percent completion and I’ve not even touched the whored mode.

    Don’t want to spoil it too much but there are some truly stand out set pieces in the single player. Ranging from absailing from a moving chopper with a sniper rifle to gate crashing a pool party via parachute whilst an iconic kanye west song blasts out.

    This was a game I can say was fun. Not enjoyed a game like this for a long time now.

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