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Saints Row 3 – Xbox 360

Saints Row 3 is an absolute corker of a game and exceptionally good fun to play; especially with someone who appreciates the vast amount of crazy humour within the game.  Cue Mr Takis A.K.A. ‘Ghostly Yakuza’.

I was lucky enough to win the Saints Row 3 game in an Amazon.com Black Friday deal this week, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it until the price came down a bit!   I got my game yesterday, and spent a good hour on it last night driving around the carefully created world so lovingly created by the developers.

You can tell that Saints Row 3 was a labour of love for the people who designed it, it runs so much more fluidly than Grand Theft Auto 4 (which gives me motion sickness) and is a pleasure to just ride around in their fantastic city playworld; stealing cars and shooting random people within the neighbourhood from out the window of a moving vehicle.

The campaign throws you in at the deep end with a really funny parody of the ‘Dead Presidents’ bank heist in one of my favourite films; ‘Point Break’.  The oversized mask/heads really made me laugh and that eventually lead to the design of my own character.

Angelo’s Dad is an absolute legend, so I decided to base my character on him, hopefully I did him justice, although I had to settle for a ‘zombie’ voice rather than the heavy Greek tones; the voice somehow fit with the tinted shade glasses and 5 O’clock shadow and we were on our way.

Angelo decided to play with one of his bitches, and promptly played with his character naked (humorously censored I might add!) throughout the game.

NOTHING can quite prepare you for the ‘Whores’ (Hoard) Mode’ which saw me beating hookers up with a giant floppy lightsaber style implement which was actually a massive pink dildo whilst dressed in a dog outfit!

The whole game is just very polished and is fucking nuts, and I can see many an hour being spent doing quests and just sodding about.

Hopefully the videos below convey the enjoyment of the game.

VIDEO 1 – Antikrish and Ghostly Yakuza ride again!

VIDEO 2 – Antikrish and Ghostly Yakuza versus the system!


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