‘Frank’ – Work in progress – Demo Take 1

I woke up today and  fancied doing a spot of music; I ended up further developing ‘Frank’ (working title, thanks Paul).  ‘Frank’ is a continuation of the C Major tuned guitar idea that I had before I took my trip to the States in October.

Today presented a few recording challenges (as always) because I haven’t got a pair of headphones and had to find levels and mix the master using in-ear earphones and that’s never a good thing!  I also have a blister the size of a jelly tot on my middle finger thanks to the glissando riff within the song!  Definitely need to practice more too to build my calluses back up!

The demo is guitars only, and I used the following on the track:

  • Cort Acoustic guitar for the main pick guitar and rhythm accompaniment
  • Danelectro guitar using my mini Orange amp with a bit of distortion on it for a high end chord/drone sound (the mini Orange amp is amazing!)
  • Danelectro with the Electro Harmonix sitar pedal

I’m going to think up a heavy drum pattern this week and do it all again with percussion at some point this month as I think it’ll sound much better with a big wall of sound and groove driving it!

Here we are anyway, a work in progress as usual!