2012 – Off we go!

Right.  So that’s 2011 done and dusted, thank fuck for that!

Why am I still up at 3:00am???  I can’t sleep for some reason, so I have just spent my insomnia in a productive fashion and updated the site content; particularly the main site pages.

I’ve updated ‘Kev’s Bio’ Page as I felt that needed doing (added a bit more for the recent years section within it).  I also sorted out the ‘Antikrish – About’ page to give someone a better idea what the blog is about and I have generally tweaked with a few other minor (not literally tweaked minors!) bits so that the site reflects what it’s being used for these days.  That is to say, less focus on the music that Alex and I don’t do anymore and provide more focus to my ‘Antirants’ and site posts!.  Marvelous.

I think I’ll go and crash out now for a few hours; I’d like to wish anyone reading this a very properous and healthy 2012.

Love light and peace.