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Team GB vs Senegal – Olympic Football 2011 – Old Trafford

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Old Trafford yesterday, everyone has their Mecca and OT is mine.

OT was a fantastic venue for the game, I drove up in a hired Vauxhall Zafira which was a very comfortable alternative to my Ford Fiesta Zetec; my nephew Kai, my Uncle David and good friend Dave (yes it got confusing) made it to the ‘Park and Ride’ facility at Trafford Centre in good time.

The park and ride transfer from car park to OT consisted of a 1950’s double decker bus which made me feel like I was in an episode of ‘On The Buses’, especially when the driver got lost and went around the one way system several times.  By ‘eck it were ‘ot!

Once we made it into the stadium, the heat fatigue ebbed away and I felt spiritually cleansed as I walked up the steps and saw the epic Theatre of Dreams. I felt my Dad smiling down on me for having returned with my Nephew; miss ya Pa.

When Kai and I last visited it was 2007 and we stuffed Villa in the FA Cup, back then Kai was only tiny and he is now getting a gruff voice of his own and stands up to my shoulders!

Old Trafford eventually greeted lofty Uruguay and plucky United Arab Emirates with a genuine warmth that felt awesome compared to various club and international games that I have attended over the years.

The British love an underdog and the crowd got behind UAE as Uruguay pretentiously strutted around until they were shocked by an early UAE goal following an impressive show of skill that saw them dominate the 1st half.

I loved how the crowd booed Suarez in reaction to the racist remarks that he made to Patrice Evra AND the deliberate handball in the last world cup.  He did not do anything to endear himself to the public; he whinged, cried, potested and play acted to rouse Uruguay who eventually got their act together to win 2-1.

The Team GB game was a little less exciting due to the physical presence of dirty Senegal tackling along with the lack of creativity offered by the home side at times.  That said, it was great to see the Welsh players get the credit they deserved by putting in a shift; Bellamy, Ramsey and my idol, Ryan Giggs.

Giggsy never disappoints me, he rolled back the years to make a world class touch late in the game; 38 years old and forever will be my favourite player of all time.  All you modern fanboys can stick Messi up your arse!

Senegal creeped an equaliser in just as we were off home (we left 5 mins early to beat 73,000 people home!) which is a shame as I thought we deserved a win; our boys were kicked black and blue!

It was a wonderful atmosphere at Old Trafford and a night I shall never forget;  one that epitomised the a genuine air of fair play and respect for all concerned FAR better than FIFA could ever manage with it’s media campaigns and political spin.

Oh, I got the car home without a scratch at 3am.  Am I fucking hardcore or what!?!

Patrice Evra – Vilified

I feel compelled to write about today’s FA cup game between Manchester United and Liverpool; I am appauled by what I have just witnessed live on television.

I wasn’t sickened by the final result (United lost 2-1 despite out-playing Liverpool for most of the game; but that’s cup football), but rather the way in which the crowd set about treating Patrice Evra from kick-off.

The British media are largely to blame for this retaliation in my opinion because they have printed articles all week suggesting that it was perfectly acceptable for Liverpool fans to boo Patrice Evra, but not call him the unnacceptable racist names that Luis Suarez was banned for.

The tens of thousands of people who booed Evra did so because they took exception to the way he was brave enough to confront racism during a game of professional football.   There is no other explanation?

Lets face it, the thousands booing Evra might as well have put on Ku Klux Klan sheets and burned crosses with the way they jeered him today?  This was DEFINITELY not the ‘rival club banter’ that the pundits tried to pass it off as and everyone that booed are as guilty of racism as Suarez.

Liverpool FC acted irresponsibly and without class during the whole Suarez affair; I think the way they produced t-shirts to publically support Suarez was disgraceful given the gravity of what Suarez had done; he knew perfectly well what he was doing when he called Patrice Evra what he did.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that football is still as institutionally racist as it was when I was a kid.  The ‘Respect’ campaign now appears to be fantastically hollow because Suarez should have been banned for life and Liverpool FC should have been fined/banned/punished for acting irresponsibily in their continued support of him.

We are to believe that racism is being stamped out of the modern game and that it is a far cry from what I used to see in the 1980’s;  in reality, we have very powerful people with ulterior motives employing an underhanded campaign of smoke and mirrors, purely to distract people from the fact that racism is clearly as prevalent as ever before?

The picture, taken from live TV footage from today’s game says it all!!?


2012 – Off we go!

Right.  So that’s 2011 done and dusted, thank fuck for that!

Why am I still up at 3:00am???  I can’t sleep for some reason, so I have just spent my insomnia in a productive fashion and updated the site content; particularly the main site pages.

I’ve updated ‘Kev’s Bio’ Page as I felt that needed doing (added a bit more for the recent years section within it).  I also sorted out the ‘Antikrish – About’ page to give someone a better idea what the blog is about and I have generally tweaked with a few other minor (not literally tweaked minors!) bits so that the site reflects what it’s being used for these days.  That is to say, less focus on the music that Alex and I don’t do anymore and provide more focus to my ‘Antirants’ and site posts!.  Marvelous.

I think I’ll go and crash out now for a few hours; I’d like to wish anyone reading this a very properous and healthy 2012.

Love light and peace.