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Racism at Euro 2012

Much has been said about the documentaries and articles surrounding the degree of organised racism in Ukraine and Poland.

Quite frankly, I find it all a little ironic to hear people piping up about the subject yet they were fierce in their defence of the racist footballer Luis Suarez?

I’ve heard similar mutterings from fans about John Terry, will he be rejected if convicted? Discarded by the fans who consider him some kind of Mesiah? I doubt it.

Lest we forget Sepp Blatter and his silly comments about handshakes? If the head of FIFA believes racism can be solved that way, it’s no wonder FIFA picked the Ukraine as the venue for Euro 2012 in the first place?

It seems to be the latest trend to get on the bandwagon and have a dig about Neo Nazi groups in the Third-World Section of Europe; personally, I think we need to have a bloody good long look at the institutionalised racism in the UK and Spain?

I hope the tournament goes smoothly to prove the bloodletting media wrong!

Patrice Evra – Vilified

I feel compelled to write about today’s FA cup game between Manchester United and Liverpool; I am appauled by what I have just witnessed live on television.

I wasn’t sickened by the final result (United lost 2-1 despite out-playing Liverpool for most of the game; but that’s cup football), but rather the way in which the crowd set about treating Patrice Evra from kick-off.

The British media are largely to blame for this retaliation in my opinion because they have printed articles all week suggesting that it was perfectly acceptable for Liverpool fans to boo Patrice Evra, but not call him the unnacceptable racist names that Luis Suarez was banned for.

The tens of thousands of people who booed Evra did so because they took exception to the way he was brave enough to confront racism during a game of professional football.   There is no other explanation?

Lets face it, the thousands booing Evra might as well have put on Ku Klux Klan sheets and burned crosses with the way they jeered him today?  This was DEFINITELY not the ‘rival club banter’ that the pundits tried to pass it off as and everyone that booed are as guilty of racism as Suarez.

Liverpool FC acted irresponsibly and without class during the whole Suarez affair; I think the way they produced t-shirts to publically support Suarez was disgraceful given the gravity of what Suarez had done; he knew perfectly well what he was doing when he called Patrice Evra what he did.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the fact that football is still as institutionally racist as it was when I was a kid.  The ‘Respect’ campaign now appears to be fantastically hollow because Suarez should have been banned for life and Liverpool FC should have been fined/banned/punished for acting irresponsibily in their continued support of him.

We are to believe that racism is being stamped out of the modern game and that it is a far cry from what I used to see in the 1980’s;  in reality, we have very powerful people with ulterior motives employing an underhanded campaign of smoke and mirrors, purely to distract people from the fact that racism is clearly as prevalent as ever before?

The picture, taken from live TV footage from today’s game says it all!!?


Racism on a Croydon Tram

I was just about to go and watch my weekly fix of ‘Dexter’ and the ‘Walking Dead’ when I stumbled across a story in the news about a Youtube video which shows a woman hurling racist abuse around a Croydon Tram like it is going out of fashion!

When I watched the footage, I was disgusted by what I saw.


Her rant sounded like it was taken directly from a British National Party rally and echoes similar sentiments that I often hear whispered in and around Croydon town.

The woman sounds like she’s drunk or on drugs to me; or has she just come from a gang bang session organised by a group of skinheads? She must be off her noggin to do that on a Croydon tram in the first place!

I’m surprised she never got stabbed for daring to talk over MC Addington who can be seen freeystyling to some ‘sikk beats’ that were banging out of the loudspeaker on his Blackberry phone.  Riot plunder innit Bruv!?

The fact that she’s brain damaging a small child with such poisonous behaviour is far worse than a rabid whore spewing random gibberish to strangers?

Clearly the adults find this unacceptable, react and respond accordingly, a child can’t? The kid child will probably grow up to become equally ignorant and that’s the true crime here? It’s child abuse isn’t it???

I love how everyone on the tram eventually turns on the woman and that someone had the gumption to report her to the police. Bravo!

For whatever reason, writing this thread reminded me of a couple of occasions where people have flicked through http://www.antikrish.com and conveyed their opinon that the content within my site is either “borderline racist” or “A bit close to the mark”.  To them I simply say, wang.

The concept of my site has always been to make light humour of my mongrel-like ancestry and try to get others to consider their own uniqueness by doing so. It is a bonus that I occasionally offend Daily Fail readers and right wing muppets?

People just like the tram woman………hope she seems this thread after she’s done her bit of porridge!  You’re goin’ daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn you scchhllllaaaaaaaaaaag!