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Racism on a Croydon Tram

I was just about to go and watch my weekly fix of ‘Dexter’ and the ‘Walking Dead’ when I stumbled across a story in the news about a Youtube video which shows a woman hurling racist abuse around a Croydon Tram like it is going out of fashion!

When I watched the footage, I was disgusted by what I saw.


Her rant sounded like it was taken directly from a British National Party rally and echoes similar sentiments that I often hear whispered in and around Croydon town.

The woman sounds like she’s drunk or on drugs to me; or has she just come from a gang bang session organised by a group of skinheads? She must be off her noggin to do that on a Croydon tram in the first place!

I’m surprised she never got stabbed for daring to talk over MC Addington who can be seen freeystyling to some ‘sikk beats’ that were banging out of the loudspeaker on his Blackberry phone.  Riot plunder innit Bruv!?

The fact that she’s brain damaging a small child with such poisonous behaviour is far worse than a rabid whore spewing random gibberish to strangers?

Clearly the adults find this unacceptable, react and respond accordingly, a child can’t? The kid child will probably grow up to become equally ignorant and that’s the true crime here? It’s child abuse isn’t it???

I love how everyone on the tram eventually turns on the woman and that someone had the gumption to report her to the police. Bravo!

For whatever reason, writing this thread reminded me of a couple of occasions where people have flicked through http://www.antikrish.com and conveyed their opinon that the content within my site is either “borderline racist” or “A bit close to the mark”.  To them I simply say, wang.

The concept of my site has always been to make light humour of my mongrel-like ancestry and try to get others to consider their own uniqueness by doing so. It is a bonus that I occasionally offend Daily Fail readers and right wing muppets?

People just like the tram woman………hope she seems this thread after she’s done her bit of porridge!  You’re goin’ daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn you scchhllllaaaaaaaaaaag!

Question Time – Hope, not hate?

Nick Griffin, Leader of the British National Party appeared on BBC 1’s Question Time this evening; his appearance epitomised the proverb “Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself”.

I couldn’t help but notice the furious hand twitching that followed each occasion Mr Griffin was called to answer a question, nor could I take my eyes off of his bulbous hateful face as it struggled to bloat out vile opinions in a fashion which became almost too painful to watch; never once did he look comfortable on the platform that he found himself?

I’ve aired my own personal opinions about the BNP before on this blog, instead I’d prefer to reflect on the general reaction of the audience in the way the majority found the manifesto of the party unnaceptable and odious to the extreme.  Bravo!  I couldn’t help but chuckle as proud British people stood up and showed that they both loved this country and were proud of their migrant roots; especially in the face of such biggotry.

Hopefully now the media hype will begin to die down and the mindless protests by the ironically fascist ‘anti-facist’ groups will also cease; the protesters failed to grasp the importance that the BNP be given ‘Freedom of Speech’, and I think they are moronic as the racists themselves in their ignorance of the bigger picture.  It is entirely delicious that the ‘Freedom of Speech’ that the BNP champions so much is ultimately what will be their undoing.

Indeed, tonight was most definately a significant chink in the armour of Mr Griffin et al.  Erm, ahem, when I say chink there I mean it in the context it was used yeah?  I’m not racist innit?

Oh, and muchos respect to the person who asked the panel to denounce the viscious articule written by Jan Moir of the Daily Mail (or Daily Heil! as I like to call it) regarding the recent death of Stephen Gately and the not-so thinly veiled attack on homosexuality within it.  Get the insufferable old slag onto the panel next week and let her defend her ‘opinions’ in a similar fashion!?!!?


European elections

Those who know me will no doubt be aware of my general dislike of the B.N.P. (British National Party); they have succeeded in winning two European parliamentary seats in this weeks elections.

This isn’t a shock, to me at least; the government and political system of the U.K. is generally unfit for purpose and right wing scabs capitalize on people’s fears. I genuinely hope that the BNP’s increase in popularity is more down to the miguised protest of Harold Smith (average Joe) against the system, rather than actually believing any of the thinly veiled bile they pass off as policies?  The papers claim the BNP’s votes are down compared to 2004, however I’ve certainly heard more than a few sympathisers around my local area.

It’s also no surprise that the victories were in Yorkshire either, having been to Bradford (aptly called Bradistan due to the vast Muslim population) I can vouch how divided and segregated this part of the UK is; especially compared to the Hindu population of Leicester.  I found Bradford quite intimidating initially until I persisted a bit more with making acquaintences!  Saying that, women’s lib has hardly made it to Yorkshire yet, so I imagine it’ll be a few more years before anyone other than Mr Whitey-White-White, Pure English blood for 20 generations considers sharing a lift with anyone remotely foreign.

Change is needed in this country, desperately, but facism and nationalism should not be bedfellows; I just hope Primark doesn’t start selling brown shirts in bulk or Croydon may yet resemble Nuremberg in 1927.

Out the racist scum!