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Yufa – Whitehorse Road

I used to love going to Yufa in Whitehorse Road, Croydon; located just around the corner from Limes Road studios, Kebabs and Pizza were often scoffed here in between music sessions and Anglo-Indian shenanigans.

From memory, it was originally located a bit further up the road, but they were so reliant on our business that they moved 20 or so shops closer to Alex’s place.


Mmmmmmmm, Yufa(kincunt).

Adieu Limes Road Studios

The Beatles had ‘Abbey Road’, Lynyrd Skynyrd had ‘Muscle Shoals’, ‘Cook’ (Antikrish music) had Limes Road studios in Croydon.

I enjoyed the most creative period of my life at 31A Limes Road because it was where we bashed out all of our nonsensical lyrics and cacophonic jams; such masterpieces as ‘Plastic Leg Blues’, ‘I Don’t Want No Messy Sex With You Momma’ and ‘You Stink!’ were all conceived, splanged and recorded here in Alex’s personal studio during the Nineties and Noughties.

Alex’s upstairs flat was something of a second home to me, so I was rather sad to see it go.  It’s an odd notion to have, being denied access to a property you have an attachment to and also knowing that you’ll likely never see the interior of it again?

Perhaps that’s laying it on a bit too thick, but you all should know how nostalgic I can be?

So, I decided to go for a walk and take a few last pictures of the place before some fucker paints it with salmon pink emulsion.

Yes, I’m a secret Victorian property stalker.

All things must pass.  Innit.

Chaz n Dave

I scratched Chaz ‘n Dave off of my bucket list recently when I finally saw them play Fairfield Halls in Croydon on the 12th of September.

Chaz n Dave were superstars when I was a kid, bashing out cockney rock classics for fun!   Singers who didn’t sing in American accents, massive respect.

Tunes like ‘Rabbit’, ‘Snooker Loopy’ and ‘Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur’ always seemed to be on TV or played at one of my parents parties for a laugh.  Well, not the Spurs track!

My Uncle Joe was a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan though, he always used to play the comical song ‘Gercha’ to amuse me when I was a wee nipper; I absolutely love that song to this day.

So it was an absolute pleasure to sit and watch the legendary duo bash out their extensive discography.

The first half of the concert was Chaz n Dave ‘pub years’ and contained some great covers of songs they played in the 70s; the second half of the show was a greatest hits and got everybody off of their feet dancing.

The crowd were…..fucking odd….. I’ve been around some scummy Londoners in my time (Upton Park on match day springs to mind), but there were some truly pikey mutant North London throwbacks there that night. 

Even Chaz n Dave looked a bit disappointed with how rowdy certain sections of the audience were!   I bet they’ve played enough rough pubs to be immune to it too!

It’s truly humbling listening to how good Chaz is on the piano; I think he’d give Jules Holland a run for his money when playing Boogie Woogie!!

Dave is still a fantastic melodic bass player and it’s immediately obvious why he’s been the perfect match to Chaz’s piano all these years.

They both look like they enjoy playing together a great deal and it was fantastic to see them both.

Gerchyou cowson!  Gercha!




Spin Doctors – Croydon Fairfield Halls – 21st February 2014

I did a very surreal thing on Friday; I met the ORIGINAL Spin Doctors after their Croydon gig at the Fairfield Halls! Blimey?!?

The Spin Doctors came on after the very energetic and entertaining ‘Brothers of the Mothershovel’ support act; the brothers are a decent bunch of local lads who just about stomped the stage to pieces whilst going about their set.

The brothers in funky hats impressed me so much with their mixture of folk and ragtime swing, I bought their album (Nicely produced it is too!). Hopefully it’ll pay for new strings after the guitarist broke a few during his vigorous strumming!

I last saw the Spin Doctors at the Islington O2 academy on the 30th of January 2013; the main thing I love about seeing the band live is that you never experience the same gig twice! They are an exceptional jam band who love to improvise and it’s a privilege seeing them ply their trade at such small and intimate gigs.

They covered ‘Revolution’ by the Beatles this time which was very cool, before belting out the vast majority of their most excellent back catalogue along AND some tracks from their recent album ‘If The River Was Whiskey’. Oh yes, and the Goodies inspired ‘Everybody Loves String’ improv piece! Genius.

Waiting for my turn to meet the band afterwards, I was extremely nervous. What do you say to Gods? Do they like small talk?

I eventually stumped up the courage to walk over to Eric Schenkman and ask why they didn’t play the excellent ‘About a Train’ from their new album? The track absolutely grooves with lazy blues attitude and I was disappointed not to hear it “Yeah, we’ll do it tomorrow!” came his reply.

What?!? Are you for real?!? I thought it was just lip service, you know, banter?

So I cheekily asked if they’d play ‘Refrigerator Car’ as well (also absent from the Croydon gig) as it’s one of my favourites. “Yeah we’ll play that too!” said Eric. What a genuinely lovely fella he was though, chatting to anyone who popped over, trusting fans to hold his customised telecaster?!? A class act.

It’s one thing for a DJ to take requests, but a world class band? I think I was probably beaming so much, I’m surprised the smile didn’t cut my head in half.

I eventually made it to talk to lead singer Chris Barron after briefly ‘chatting’ to Mark White (bass supremo) about his love of BBC comedy ‘Are You Being Served’ which was very surreal; Chris and I chatted about the new album while he enjoyed a pint before reiterating that they would play the tracks I mentioned to Eric before we all went our separate ways around midnight. Huzzah!

It was an utterly, utterly, utterly bizzare experience that I’ll never forget; thankfully for my nerves, the band are extremely down to Earth and they genuinely seemed to enjoy chatting to everyone who stayed behind.

Good thing I had bought tickets for the following night at the Garage in Highbury and Islington eh?!

Sid Evicted!

Sid, homeless man opposite my office, was evicted from his studio apartment today!

Poor Sid had popped out for a stroll around Croydon when the lorry turned up and two men tore down his house with an industrial claw!!  


I’m really quite angry at the callous way in which this has been done; the guy is very friendly to talk to and is standing down there now, distraught at not having somewhere to live!!

The yard is still unused, a development site for an office block that never saw the light of day due to the economy crash; I sincerely doubt anything will happen, so why do something so inhumane?  

We will miss you Sid!



Unimaginative Tattooed Tarts In Vintage Dresses

I am utterly bored and repulsed by the continued sight of women who are embracing ‘vintage’ fashion; especially, those who are covered head to toe in tattoos and piercings!

Vintage tattooed tarts are absolutely everywhere now and I often find myself playing ‘vintage tattooed tart bingo’ (see below) in Croydon during my lunch break.

pretty floral dress maggie tattoos

I know fashion is meant to push the boundaries whilst reflecting someones individuality; however, in my opinion, vintage tarts look like they just came off the same skanky production line with the other gazillion of similarly dressed sheep?  I wouldn’t share my portion of chips with a Cath Kidston wannabe.

I love original vintage fashion because women in the 1940’s and 1950’s absolutely oozed class and (consequentially) had crazy sex appeal; the modern ‘vintage’ tart looks like she broke into an Audrey Hepburn exhibition whilst high on crystal meth and stole all the clothes?

Don’t get me wrong, I also really like tattoos, but it’s such a horrible marriage of styles?  It’s like imagining your Nan’s friend Edna, totally fucked up during her youth?

Vintage Tart Bingo Card


The return of Sid – Supertramp


Stop the press!!!!

Sid, the intriguing homeless man who lives opposite my office,  appears to have returned to his patch and rebuilt his shack.

Perhaps he watched ‘Batman Begins’ and was inspired by how Bruce Wayne decided to rebuild Wayne Manor after it burnt to the ground; could Croydon have its own superhero?!?

I had resigned myself to the idea that Sid had fled from Croydon after the fire a few months ago; so I was somewhat surprised and heartened to see him scrambling over the back fence with a shopping trolley???

Wonder if he’ll get a blue rinse and a bingo membership to complete his alter ego cover?

Maud Violet –  Mild mannered bag lady? 

Anyway!   Welcome back,  El Cid!

Sid turfed out by London 2012 Olympic types?!?!

Sid, the intriguing homeless man who resides in a little shanty shack by my work, appears to have been move on by a load of London 2012 Olympic media ruffians!!!!

The Olympic torch is due to pass through Croydon on Monday the 23rd of July, 2012; Patrick Stewart will be carrying it during the final stage before it goes on to Bromley and it looks like a camera and security crew have set up a temporary base of operations in the vacant lot that Sid considers his front yard!

Two cars turned up initially and a ground crew of three people bagged up all of Sid’s rubbish.  It took him ages to make that much mess!  Have they no heart???

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Sid has been evicted and it remains to be seen whether our mysterious lodger will return to his estate or not.

Either that or they have picked Sid to be a torchbearer?  I suppose that would be a great ‘lefty’ BBC News story wouldn’t it folks?


Come back Sid, we’d all miss you if you vanished 😦

Racism on a Croydon Tram

I was just about to go and watch my weekly fix of ‘Dexter’ and the ‘Walking Dead’ when I stumbled across a story in the news about a Youtube video which shows a woman hurling racist abuse around a Croydon Tram like it is going out of fashion!

When I watched the footage, I was disgusted by what I saw.


Her rant sounded like it was taken directly from a British National Party rally and echoes similar sentiments that I often hear whispered in and around Croydon town.

The woman sounds like she’s drunk or on drugs to me; or has she just come from a gang bang session organised by a group of skinheads? She must be off her noggin to do that on a Croydon tram in the first place!

I’m surprised she never got stabbed for daring to talk over MC Addington who can be seen freeystyling to some ‘sikk beats’ that were banging out of the loudspeaker on his Blackberry phone.  Riot plunder innit Bruv!?

The fact that she’s brain damaging a small child with such poisonous behaviour is far worse than a rabid whore spewing random gibberish to strangers?

Clearly the adults find this unacceptable, react and respond accordingly, a child can’t? The kid child will probably grow up to become equally ignorant and that’s the true crime here? It’s child abuse isn’t it???

I love how everyone on the tram eventually turns on the woman and that someone had the gumption to report her to the police. Bravo!

For whatever reason, writing this thread reminded me of a couple of occasions where people have flicked through http://www.antikrish.com and conveyed their opinon that the content within my site is either “borderline racist” or “A bit close to the mark”.  To them I simply say, wang.

The concept of my site has always been to make light humour of my mongrel-like ancestry and try to get others to consider their own uniqueness by doing so. It is a bonus that I occasionally offend Daily Fail readers and right wing muppets?

People just like the tram woman………hope she seems this thread after she’s done her bit of porridge!  You’re goin’ daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn you scchhllllaaaaaaaaaaag!