Chaz n Dave

I scratched Chaz ‘n Dave off of my bucket list recently when I finally saw them play Fairfield Halls in Croydon on the 12th of September.

Chaz n Dave were superstars when I was a kid, bashing out cockney rock classics for fun!   Singers who didn’t sing in American accents, massive respect.

Tunes like ‘Rabbit’, ‘Snooker Loopy’ and ‘Glory glory Tottenham Hotspur’ always seemed to be on TV or played at one of my parents parties for a laugh.  Well, not the Spurs track!

My Uncle Joe was a huge Tottenham Hotspur fan though, he always used to play the comical song ‘Gercha’ to amuse me when I was a wee nipper; I absolutely love that song to this day.

So it was an absolute pleasure to sit and watch the legendary duo bash out their extensive discography.

The first half of the concert was Chaz n Dave ‘pub years’ and contained some great covers of songs they played in the 70s; the second half of the show was a greatest hits and got everybody off of their feet dancing.

The crowd were…..fucking odd….. I’ve been around some scummy Londoners in my time (Upton Park on match day springs to mind), but there were some truly pikey mutant North London throwbacks there that night. 

Even Chaz n Dave looked a bit disappointed with how rowdy certain sections of the audience were!   I bet they’ve played enough rough pubs to be immune to it too!

It’s truly humbling listening to how good Chaz is on the piano; I think he’d give Jules Holland a run for his money when playing Boogie Woogie!!

Dave is still a fantastic melodic bass player and it’s immediately obvious why he’s been the perfect match to Chaz’s piano all these years.

They both look like they enjoy playing together a great deal and it was fantastic to see them both.

Gerchyou cowson!  Gercha!