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The return of Sid – Supertramp


Stop the press!!!!

Sid, the intriguing homeless man who lives opposite my office,  appears to have returned to his patch and rebuilt his shack.

Perhaps he watched ‘Batman Begins’ and was inspired by how Bruce Wayne decided to rebuild Wayne Manor after it burnt to the ground; could Croydon have its own superhero?!?

I had resigned myself to the idea that Sid had fled from Croydon after the fire a few months ago; so I was somewhat surprised and heartened to see him scrambling over the back fence with a shopping trolley???

Wonder if he’ll get a blue rinse and a bingo membership to complete his alter ego cover?

Maud Violet –  Mild mannered bag lady? 

Anyway!   Welcome back,  El Cid!

Sid turfed out by London 2012 Olympic types?!?!

Sid, the intriguing homeless man who resides in a little shanty shack by my work, appears to have been move on by a load of London 2012 Olympic media ruffians!!!!

The Olympic torch is due to pass through Croydon on Monday the 23rd of July, 2012; Patrick Stewart will be carrying it during the final stage before it goes on to Bromley and it looks like a camera and security crew have set up a temporary base of operations in the vacant lot that Sid considers his front yard!

Two cars turned up initially and a ground crew of three people bagged up all of Sid’s rubbish.  It took him ages to make that much mess!  Have they no heart???

For all intents and purposes, it looks like Sid has been evicted and it remains to be seen whether our mysterious lodger will return to his estate or not.

Either that or they have picked Sid to be a torchbearer?  I suppose that would be a great ‘lefty’ BBC News story wouldn’t it folks?


Come back Sid, we’d all miss you if you vanished 😦

Racism on a Croydon Tram

I was just about to go and watch my weekly fix of ‘Dexter’ and the ‘Walking Dead’ when I stumbled across a story in the news about a Youtube video which shows a woman hurling racist abuse around a Croydon Tram like it is going out of fashion!

When I watched the footage, I was disgusted by what I saw.


Her rant sounded like it was taken directly from a British National Party rally and echoes similar sentiments that I often hear whispered in and around Croydon town.

The woman sounds like she’s drunk or on drugs to me; or has she just come from a gang bang session organised by a group of skinheads? She must be off her noggin to do that on a Croydon tram in the first place!

I’m surprised she never got stabbed for daring to talk over MC Addington who can be seen freeystyling to some ‘sikk beats’ that were banging out of the loudspeaker on his Blackberry phone.  Riot plunder innit Bruv!?

The fact that she’s brain damaging a small child with such poisonous behaviour is far worse than a rabid whore spewing random gibberish to strangers?

Clearly the adults find this unacceptable, react and respond accordingly, a child can’t? The kid child will probably grow up to become equally ignorant and that’s the true crime here? It’s child abuse isn’t it???

I love how everyone on the tram eventually turns on the woman and that someone had the gumption to report her to the police. Bravo!

For whatever reason, writing this thread reminded me of a couple of occasions where people have flicked through http://www.antikrish.com and conveyed their opinon that the content within my site is either “borderline racist” or “A bit close to the mark”.  To them I simply say, wang.

The concept of my site has always been to make light humour of my mongrel-like ancestry and try to get others to consider their own uniqueness by doing so. It is a bonus that I occasionally offend Daily Fail readers and right wing muppets?

People just like the tram woman………hope she seems this thread after she’s done her bit of porridge!  You’re goin’ daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn you scchhllllaaaaaaaaaaag!

Antikrish recoveries

Forget the AA, RAC, FBI or even the Thunderbirds; when YOU get a rear tyre puncture at 8:00am whilst doing 60mph on the Croydon Flyover, there’s only one guy you can call……..whilst he’s enjoying a lie in before work!

Poor Ray, filled his tyre with Nitroglycerin last weekend and rang me this morning when it went pffffffftttt…..

I got ready, grabbed some tools and jumped on the bike; made record time down Stafford Road and eventually found Mr Bush on the corner of Croydon Council looking cool as a cucumber; sleeves rolled up ready to get going.

The Jedi have lightsabres, Lesbians have strap on cocks; however Ray and spanners are synonymous.

In 5 minutes he had the side panel off, spare off the side and was ready to get the wheel off; my contribution? Sit on the front to weigh it down; and nobody can do that like me!

Ping, zow, dun dun dun, weeeeee!!! Clunk finished in 10 minutes, and off we rolled to work.

So if you need help, and you can find him, maybe you can hire, the K-team!