Antikrish recoveries

Forget the AA, RAC, FBI or even the Thunderbirds; when YOU get a rear tyre puncture at 8:00am whilst doing 60mph on the Croydon Flyover, there’s only one guy you can call……..whilst he’s enjoying a lie in before work!

Poor Ray, filled his tyre with Nitroglycerin last weekend and rang me this morning when it went pffffffftttt…..

I got ready, grabbed some tools and jumped on the bike; made record time down Stafford Road and eventually found Mr Bush on the corner of Croydon Council looking cool as a cucumber; sleeves rolled up ready to get going.

The Jedi have lightsabres, Lesbians have strap on cocks; however Ray and spanners are synonymous.

In 5 minutes he had the side panel off, spare off the side and was ready to get the wheel off; my contribution? Sit on the front to weigh it down; and nobody can do that like me!

Ping, zow, dun dun dun, weeeeee!!! Clunk finished in 10 minutes, and off we rolled to work.

So if you need help, and you can find him, maybe you can hire, the K-team!

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