Adieu Limes Road Studios

The Beatles had ‘Abbey Road’, Lynyrd Skynyrd had ‘Muscle Shoals’, ‘Cook’ (Antikrish music) had Limes Road studios in Croydon.

I enjoyed the most creative period of my life at 31A Limes Road because it was where we bashed out all of our nonsensical lyrics and cacophonic jams; such masterpieces as ‘Plastic Leg Blues’, ‘I Don’t Want No Messy Sex With You Momma’ and ‘You Stink!’ were all conceived, splanged and recorded here in Alex’s personal studio during the Nineties and Noughties.

Alex’s upstairs flat was something of a second home to me, so I was rather sad to see it go.  It’s an odd notion to have, being denied access to a property you have an attachment to and also knowing that you’ll likely never see the interior of it again?

Perhaps that’s laying it on a bit too thick, but you all should know how nostalgic I can be?

So, I decided to go for a walk and take a few last pictures of the place before some fucker paints it with salmon pink emulsion.

Yes, I’m a secret Victorian property stalker.

All things must pass.  Innit.