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Sid moves above Scotland in FIFA rankings

FIFA confirmed today that Sid the homeless chap has risen above Scotland in the international ranking system.

Sid’s silky skills are said to eclipse even those of the mighty Kenny Miller; Miller is arguably the greatest sweaty sock ever to pull on a blue jersey.  

Manchester City are understood to have submitted a lucrative bid for his services.  





Racism at Euro 2012

Much has been said about the documentaries and articles surrounding the degree of organised racism in Ukraine and Poland.

Quite frankly, I find it all a little ironic to hear people piping up about the subject yet they were fierce in their defence of the racist footballer Luis Suarez?

I’ve heard similar mutterings from fans about John Terry, will he be rejected if convicted? Discarded by the fans who consider him some kind of Mesiah? I doubt it.

Lest we forget Sepp Blatter and his silly comments about handshakes? If the head of FIFA believes racism can be solved that way, it’s no wonder FIFA picked the Ukraine as the venue for Euro 2012 in the first place?

It seems to be the latest trend to get on the bandwagon and have a dig about Neo Nazi groups in the Third-World Section of Europe; personally, I think we need to have a bloody good long look at the institutionalised racism in the UK and Spain?

I hope the tournament goes smoothly to prove the bloodletting media wrong!

Man’s best friend

I can genuinely understand the saying ‘A dog is a man`s best friend’

Chico telepathically seems to know exactly when the football is on and I can not think of how Sky Sports ‘Super Sunday’ would feel without him laying by my side whilst I watch the beautiful game?

Unknown to most, Cheeks is a keen follower of the sport and a diehard Manchester United fan; he and I often have in-depth chats about our mutual appreciation of the game.

He thinks Chris Waddle talks shite and Alan Smith is a boring ballbag.

Come on you Reds!


Andy Gray of Sky Sports Sacked

Andy Gray, former footballer and pundit for Sky Sports has been sacked….essentially because he failed to see when something had crossed the line; oh the irony?!?

His ‘We’re still on the air!!!’ faux pas comments about a female linesman not knowing the ‘offside’ rule appear to have sparked a similar debate to ‘Brand and Ross’?

…..expect an exceptionally over the top graphical presentation on Saturday to explain why he’s a bit of a chauvinist…..

“You just don’t save those!”.