Day of the triffic Trifids

The South East of England reached temperatures of around 25oC-27oC over the last week; Summer is very much upon us!

I spent much of my weekend indulging in various gardening related pursuits.  Yes, really!

On Saturday I took Mum to Homebase to get some building supplies.  On the way out I decided to grab the Jamie Oliver Pit BBQ that I’ve had my eye on for some time (£129! Bargain!!!).  I managed to get the mammoth sized box into my car along with all the bags of concrete, decorative gravel and bags of compost.  Carrying all that into the house was an absolute bastard in the heat let me tell you!

I capped Saturday evening off with a very impulsive BBQ thanks to my tiny disposable charcoal grill; I have decided to wait until all the gardening is done before I assemble my new crematorium!  ‘Tiny’ (what I call my disposable BBQ) was more than up to the task.  Bravo.

Sunday I took Mum to Woodcote Garden Centre in Wallington and we sauntered around whilst all the middle-class wannabes stuffed their faces in the expensive restaurant.  They pay through the nose for food that would be much cheaper in Marks and Spencer, perhaps that’s part of the appeal?  Whoever would have thought that a Garden Centre would become a magnet for the snooty old tarts of Surrey?

Together Mum and I found some really nice plants and flowers (at affordable prices!) and arrived back home to find that Paul finished off the planter.  I potted and bedded Mum’s new plants and gave them all a good drink (No hosepipe, we’re still under a ban!); I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed gardening as a kid with Mum and my dear old Nan.

We are meant to have thunderstorms for the next few days which should be interesting!  I find it very amusing that that the same people who moaned and groaned about the prolonged and TRADITIONAL April Showers were also complaining last week about how hot it has been.  AND they will undoubtedly be moaning when mighty Thor starts shaking his divine version of the Rolf Harris Wobble Board.  Cunts.

The Queens Jubilee weekend looks to see a return of the sunshine so that Her Maj can look splended in her Jacques Vert get up over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend; wouldn’t it be awful if the weather was constantly one type as some people would have it?

The Sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!  The Sun has got his hat on and Uranus is a gay!