Diablo 3 – The end of big D

I’ve just completed the ‘normal’ difficult of the game; there’s nothing normal about it, Diablo is an absolute bastard to kill!

The final boss fight is incredibly tough, I was in a party with 3 other people and it only served to make big D even stronger (the bigger your party, the tougher the enemies!).

Diablo has a vast array of attacks and the old ‘Flash’ attach is back. that Diablo annoyed us all with in Diablo 1.    You know the one!?!  Where Diablo is constantly hitting you, regardless of where you are on the screen?  I really liked the ‘Realm Of Terror’ stage within the boss fight ; The ‘Shadow Diablo’ looked really cool!

To sum up, act 4 was fucking tough.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment having battled through the large amount of sub-bosses like Izual (The fallen Angel from Diablo 2) the Betrayer and all the other prime evil wannabes!

Ultimately, I got some nice rare items for my troubles and now I’m catapulted back to Act I again to face the same story in ‘Nightmare’ mode.  No doubt it’s going to be even harder due to the increased difficulty that justifies why it’s called ‘Nightmare’ in the first place!

I’m coming for you again Diablo!  You fuckface!