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Diablo 3 – Whimsyshire – The Land Of The Killer Unicorns

I just logged back in to Diablo 3 for the first time in about a week; the Germany VS Italy game was so pants that I thought I’d log in and see how many times I could be killed by a ‘molten’ boss before I gave up!

It took me a bit to get into a game for some reason, perhaps everyone else is watching the football?  Anyway, I eventually found a full game with three other level 52 players, clicked a team mates banner and was immediately transported to……..WHIMSYSHIRE – LAND OF THE KILLER UNICORNS!

Whimsyshire is Diablo 3’s secret cow level, the developers must have been on LSD AND magic mushrooms when they put it together.

The secret level is absolutely hilarious and the level design reminds me of Toe Jam and Earl because it is so incredibly bright, vibrant  and cartoony.  There are smiley faced clouds, rainbows and lush looking presents scattered around the place (another reason it reminds me of TJ&E), all of which lull you into a false sense of security!

Whimsyshire is fucking evil!

Chubby unicorns speed towards you at the same sort of pace that the Cow King used to on D2 Hell setting with ‘Super Fast’ abilities.  One hit, dead. My Little Pony sucks ass!

The unicorns are absolutely hardcore but they are not the only inhabitants of the level.  They are also joined by big cuddle teddy bears (Care Bears anyone?) and twinkleroot flowers, both of which chase you around the map whilst you do your best to ‘hit and run’ them.

My character did bugger all damage to anything on the level and it made me want to go onto the marketplace and buy up a legendary wand to nuke the little bastards with!

Kudos to the developers though, what a fantastic level to hide in the game!

Whimsyshire, I shall return!

Diablo 3 – Nightmare mode beaten

I have just finished the Nightmare mode on Diablo 3.  Wang!

In my naivity, I didn’t stop to consider that the game would evolve beyond the ‘normal’ difficulty that I was already satisfied with and was really impressed on how the developers cranked the game up a notch when going from ‘normal’ to ‘nightmare’.

In ‘Nightmare’, the various enemies within the game have a greater array of attacks which focus upon your reduced resistance to cold, fire, lightning and plague (poison).  Furthermore, ‘boss’ badies have some seriously badass attacks like ‘molten’ (which does constant fire damage) and ‘shielding’ which can be a real bastard if you are attacked suddenly by a hoard of demons with big pointy weapons.  Slags!

Diablo 3 really shows it’s teeth in ‘nightmare’ and I found it a big challenge!  I know the ‘Hell’ mode is going to be a tremendous challenge and my cojones are on display in response!  Behold my Gulab Jamuns!!!

I also like how the ‘crafting’ aspects have evolved along with character development and all that jazz.  You really can really create a unique character within a class by tinkering with skills and runes that you unlock with each level, my Wizard is the Mohammad Ali the Arcane realm let me tell you!

Anyway, here are some more screenies of my time in ‘Nightmare’.

Diablo 3 – The end of big D

I’ve just completed the ‘normal’ difficult of the game; there’s nothing normal about it, Diablo is an absolute bastard to kill!

The final boss fight is incredibly tough, I was in a party with 3 other people and it only served to make big D even stronger (the bigger your party, the tougher the enemies!).

Diablo has a vast array of attacks and the old ‘Flash’ attach is back. that Diablo annoyed us all with in Diablo 1.    You know the one!?!  Where Diablo is constantly hitting you, regardless of where you are on the screen?  I really liked the ‘Realm Of Terror’ stage within the boss fight ; The ‘Shadow Diablo’ looked really cool!

To sum up, act 4 was fucking tough.  I feel a great sense of accomplishment having battled through the large amount of sub-bosses like Izual (The fallen Angel from Diablo 2) the Betrayer and all the other prime evil wannabes!

Ultimately, I got some nice rare items for my troubles and now I’m catapulted back to Act I again to face the same story in ‘Nightmare’ mode.  No doubt it’s going to be even harder due to the increased difficulty that justifies why it’s called ‘Nightmare’ in the first place!

I’m coming for you again Diablo!  You fuckface!

Diablo 3 – Act IV – The Light Of Hope

I have loved how the story has unfolded, the cut scenes are immense and seeing Diablo reborn was done to perfection.

I am now on Act IV, based in the heavens and right in the middle of the conflict between the celestial protectors and the forces of hell.

I’ve enjoyed taking my time with the game, playing through an act each night rather than trudging through and not absorbing everything.  I will hopefully try and complete Act IV over the weekend with any luck, watch this space!


Diablo 3 – Act III – Turning the tide

This game just gets better and better doesn’t it??

Act three was immense, I absolutely loved how you are under seige throughout this part of the story.  Having to light the beacons reminded me of ‘Return Of The King’.

Azmodan was even more difficult to best in combat than Belial, again, the boss fight totally blew me away in terms of the sheer scale of the foe and variety of attacks.  Spot on Blizzard.

Diablo 3 – Act II – The end of Belial!

Act 2 was fanatstic!

Blizzard have really hit met my expectations with the boss characters; Belial was an absolute beast.

The boss fights really remind me of how difficult it was to kill Diablo in the first game, and Lazarus.  Bastards both!

I died a couple of times attempting to cut Belials throat; in the end I triumphed!  Fucker!

Diablo 3 – Act II – A Royal Audience

Hooray!  Finished act 1.  Fantastic!

Absolutely loving the story so far, clearly drawing more upon ‘Paradise Lost’ for inspiration methinks?!

I’m now in Act II, just thought I’d be extremely geeky and post a screenshot of the log in page.  The background changes according to the act you’re in which I thought was a nice touch (Act 1 is very dark and gothic, Act 2 is bright and vibrant in contrast!).

Diablo 3 – Leoric The Skeleton King

Leoric, the Skeleton King is no more (again!).  I kicked his old boney arse and now he’s being gnawed on by rats.  Fool!

Absolutely loving the levelling system in Diablo 3, very simple and extremely customisable.  The emphasis is really on the story this time too which reminds me of Diablo 1 more than the 2nd game.

Got a few rare items already which is funky, I also like the way you can train the merchant artisan to enable you to craft items.

Check out my pimp Wizard hat!

Diablo 3 – First impressions since launch

I’ve just played my first hour of Diablo 3 and thought I’d jot down my first impressions!

I normally hate cinematics in a game, however, I REALLY enjoyed the animated introduction film.  Bloody fantastic! The artwork is really stylish and completely sets the scene.

I have acquired the full soundtrack and listened to a few tracks.  I briefly touched on this in my entry regarding the D3 beta, but the full soundtrack is immense.  Not only does it nicely capture the essence of Diablo 1 and 2, it also sounds like Jimmy Page dusted off his plectrum and got busy with the fizzy.  That is to say, it sounds like he played guitar.  I really hope they release a soundtrack CD seperately, it’s only available as part of the collectors edition and I can’t justify paying out that kind of money for a load of chintzy crap.

It was fun to see so many people running around the two in the game, firing off weapons and fnding their feet.  I could not wait to try the 1-9 numerical keys to see what my player would ‘say’ when pushed in sequence.  I think my favourite is 6, basically, you insulting someones mother, I think that’ll come in very handy!  Nice touch!

I created a Wizard (which seems to be the most popular class online) called….yes, you guessed it?


The screenshot below is taken just outside of Tristram, I really love the ‘hanging tree’ dungeon that you can click into and explore a sub-level on.  Really reminded me of Conan the Barbarian?

First impression.  Pukka!