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Diablo 3 – Nightmare mode beaten

I have just finished the Nightmare mode on Diablo 3.  Wang!

In my naivity, I didn’t stop to consider that the game would evolve beyond the ‘normal’ difficulty that I was already satisfied with and was really impressed on how the developers cranked the game up a notch when going from ‘normal’ to ‘nightmare’.

In ‘Nightmare’, the various enemies within the game have a greater array of attacks which focus upon your reduced resistance to cold, fire, lightning and plague (poison).  Furthermore, ‘boss’ badies have some seriously badass attacks like ‘molten’ (which does constant fire damage) and ‘shielding’ which can be a real bastard if you are attacked suddenly by a hoard of demons with big pointy weapons.  Slags!

Diablo 3 really shows it’s teeth in ‘nightmare’ and I found it a big challenge!  I know the ‘Hell’ mode is going to be a tremendous challenge and my cojones are on display in response!  Behold my Gulab Jamuns!!!

I also like how the ‘crafting’ aspects have evolved along with character development and all that jazz.  You really can really create a unique character within a class by tinkering with skills and runes that you unlock with each level, my Wizard is the Mohammad Ali the Arcane realm let me tell you!

Anyway, here are some more screenies of my time in ‘Nightmare’.