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The death of Margaret Thatcher

I was immensely sad to hear that Margaret Thatcher passed away today; I have always admired and held ‘The Iron Lady’ in the highest regard.

Growing up, I remember being acutely aware of three very formidable female role models.  My Mum, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Lady Thatcher. 

Indeed, my Mum would often say that the Queen and Mrs Thatcher were two magnificent examples of how a “Woman could do anything a man could do”.  Except perhaps, play football and go to the bathroom standing up?

Controversial, but that’s probably why I think “Grow some balls love!” if I ever see a woman wearing a Burka in the UK.  

I remembered learning in school about how LadyThatcher would often make incredibly hard choices amongst ‘The Old Boy Network’ during her time as Prime Minister;  fiercly standing by a decision with a sense of great conviction and accountability.  I identified with these qualities a great deal, ‘prepare to live and die by your opinions’.

I remember the hard times during the recession of the 1980’s, I currently live in a similar time where we are still affected by some of the decisions that she made as Prime Minister (hard not to, given how much time she was in power!).  Yet, I personally do not think we will see her like in British Politics again, I myself use her example to evaluate the current candidates when I vote.

She was a Patriot, a leader and an amazing politician; perhaps that is why modern day Prime Ministers are so revilled?  Blair for his lies, Brown for his indecisiveness, Cameron for his sneakiness and tendency to sit on the fence?   

I loved how she was prepared to be the most hated woman in the country for making a hard decision.  What a magnificent human being?

Rest in Peace.

Isaac Hayes – R.I.P.

Hi folks. I don’t normally do the celebrity mourning thing but I was absolutely gutted to see that Isaac Hayes passed away only a couple of hours ago. I’ve long been a fan of him, mainly his music, the funk, the soul; the theme of ‘Shaft’ needs no introduction. The track kicks in with scratching wah wah guitar and is utterly infectious. I have it on my phone as an MP3, it’s on every playlist I have which is hooked up to my sound system. I’m gutted.

Most probably knew him as Chef from South Park which is fair enough, and like so many he probably won’t be remembered for the musical genius that he was. I must admit one of my favourite tracks ever is ‘Chocolate Salty Balls’ and there are a lucky half a dozen or so individuals who have either heard me singing it in the shower or on karaoke; but his stuff during the early 70’s is astoundingly before it’s time.

The first time I ever became aware of Isaac was watching the film ‘I’m gonna git you sucka’ upon the recommendation of my mate Glen when I was around 17 years old. ‘Sucka’ parodised all of the great blaxploitation flicks like Shaft, Superfly and Cleopatra Jones which I love; strangely enough I quite literally only just watched ‘Sucka’ last week, talking to Dan about the scene in which the hero picks up a woman in a bar, only to take her back to her place and find she’s wearing a wig, a fake pair of tits, a fake ass and has a prosthetic leg.

Whilst I don’t want to get caught up in the usual outpouring of random crap that I’d associate with the death of someone like Heath Ledger; I did want to put this tribute to Isaac on my site because he has had so much influence in my life.

Rest in peace you bad motherfucker.