Boston Marathon Bombings – Four Lions or Homeland?

I knew something wasn’t right when I received a telephone call out of the blue from my mate David last night; blokes normally text each other rather than call don’t they?! 

Until that moment, I had been completely unaware of the Boston Marathon Bombings, instead watching an episode of ‘Grimm’ via my PS3.    

Dave had been watching Sky Sports News that evening (as usual), so I popped the channel on to see what was going on; it was extremely surreal watching a global news piece break on SSN, but they seemed to have a far more detailed coverage than BBC news?

The scenes were truly horrific, I immediately felt an awful pit in my stomach when I saw the injured people laying on the pavements and could not help at drawing a comparisson to the film ‘Four Lions’ in which suicide bombers target the ‘London Marathon’ (scarily, the London Marathon is due to go ahead this weekend). 

‘Four Lions’ is one of my favourite films (pretty much anything by Chris Morris is) because it ‘dared to tread where others feared to’ regarding a ‘home-grown’ suicide bombing attack on London and the stereotypes that surround all things Muslim.

The London Bombings on the 7th of July, 2005 (anyone else find the 7/7 reference offensive?) were unthinkable; so why has this been allowed to happen again?

The plot of ‘Four Lions’ always seemed uncomfortably plausible; I sincerely hope that whoever carried out this cowardly act will not have been inspired by it?  I imagine the media bandwagon will start chugging along soon enough about this particular parallel……….

I can already picture the Daily Mail running a story entitled ‘Boston Marathon Bombers ‘Like’ Four Lions Facebook Page’ or something simiilar?

Either that or they will highlight a link to the TV series ‘Homeland’?  Maybe the culprit isn’t a “bearded dude in a sheet” after all, but a Sergeant Brody wannabe?

Regardless, those affected are in my thoughts; may there be unconditional support for them and their families, justice will find those involved sooner or later!