Shortbread Easter Penis

I personally think the story of Jesus’s resurrection over Easter is the original cock and bull story; Sam Kinison parodied the whole thing perfectly with his ‘Zombie Christ’ skit, so I will refrain from adding my own jokes on this one!

It is also a tradition to bake foodstuffs over Easter; quite what that has to do with coming back from the dead I don’t know??  

Saying that, I’ve been rescued from a hangover ‘death’ by a full English breakfast before when I’ve been half baked.  Maybe that’s where it comes from?

I loved baking as a kid,  so I thought I’d indulge in a spot over the weekend; Waitrose do a fun ‘ready dough’ range in their baking section,  so I grabbed the ‘shortbread biscuit starfish’ set for £2. 

Yes, I know it’s cheating,  but bite me?

After making a dozen or so starfish,  I decided to make an Easter Penis using the leftover dough and icing.  

Here’s the result!   I’m sure you’ll all agree that I was inspired with the chocolate flake bits for pubic hair and icing jizz?