Mega Mexway Burrito

It’s my first day back at work after my holiday; I feel like Vladimir Putin ‘s armpit  after he’s been wrestling with bears and gypsies, out in the Gobi desert.

I cleared my backlog of emails, ploughed through a load of work and eventually came to realise that it was 2pm; I also realised that I was quite delirious from not having eaten yet today.

My situation was thus.   It’s raining heavily in Croydon, I only have my old bikers jacket and I’m somewhat ill prepared for the downpour!    Should I go out for food or stay inside in the warmth?

Do I sit here, trippily thinking about Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, or should I pop to Mexway and purchase a very, very large Burrito?

Well, there was clearly only one winner.  Mexway.

On the way down to the shop, I was fortunate enough to witness some of the new Croydon College thugs students getting soaked by the buses as they drove through the huge puddles.  🙂 The universe likes me today!

The nice Spanish man must have thought that I was a Macho Latino ‘Rambo’ (an African market stalls holder called me Rambo in Fuerteventura) because of my tan and leather jacket; he packed the Burrito with so much food that he was barely able to roll it up!


It’s so wide that it’s bigger than my bite radius (no gay jokes please) and is the biggest Burrito I’ve even eaten by a country mile (how big is a country mile anyway???).

It’s proper phat, innit bruv?