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I was fortunate enough to see Prometheus last night in glorious IMAX 3D.  I say fortunate because Angelo and I arrived to find out that I had booked the tickets for the previous night!  Doh!

The booking website has a list of days, I took this for granted and booked ‘Friday’ at 00:20am.  So when we arrived last night, our tickets had already expired by 24 hours.  Thankfully the cinema wasn’t even a fifth full and we managed to get the same seats on the row behind.  Nice!

Lets get one thing straight, Prometheus is totally about Alien, anyone who says otherwise is a spastic.  The best compliment that I can pay Prometheus is that it fits perfectly as a prequel; having waited for this film for a couple of years, I can honestly say it has met all my expectations.

The film is beautiful, epic, astounding, stark, shocking and all the other superlatives that I’d associate with Alien, Aliens and Alien 3.  The casting was great, the chemistry of the characters was there for all to see and reminded me of said films in abundance.  Captain Janek was a standout character for me, the ‘Steven Stills’ accordion and Christmas tree scenes were particularly funny.

The special effects in this film are second to none, I loved the scene as Prometheus descended majestically through the clouds of LV223, the silicon storm scene was also fantastic and has to been seen to be believed and nothing can quite prepare you for some of the truly shocking scenes in this film.  No spoilers on that.

The creature designs for this film reminded me of some old Giger artwork books that a friend of mine had when I was at school.  Simply brilliant and scary.  Shame it wasn’t an 18!!!  GIANT FACEHUGGER!!  There, I said it!

We have seen how badly prequels can hash up a franchise by trying to answer all the questions that made the original films such a classic in the first place, Star Wars The Phantom Menace was a fantastic example of that?

Prometheus answers questions in a very clever way, answering questions about the space jockey race opened up a whole new can of worms and brought forward new questions that I hadn’t considered before.  That’s the real appeal of this film for me, it changed how I look at the entire franchise.  In a good way too.

Where could another film go from here?  The ending is ambiguous and certainly allows for further development in the franchise; from a purely selfish point of view, I hope they make another film to follow this one!

Prometheus gets a 9 out of 10 for me; fuck you IGN filmforce and your shitty ‘7 out of 10’ review!

Angelos Epithemiou and Friends Dvd

Dan Renton Skinner is a comedy genius; I’ve just watched his ‘Angelos Epithemiou and Friends’ DVD and thought it was absolutely hilarious.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dan’s character ‘Angelos Epithemiou’ for a couple of years now; most of you will probably know him from ‘Shooting Stars’ and it’s great to see him logging the limelight on stage.  I think  Dan’s a very underated comedian and a breath of fresh air compared to the Waitrose loyalty card shopper’s favourite Michael ‘I’m posh and like to squeel posh people jokes like an educated piggy wiggy!’ McIntyre.

For those of you who haven’t seen Angelos before, have a quick mooch on youtube and savour the unique surreal, witty and obscure banter; he’s worth watching for his fantastic repetoir of facial expressions and inimitable awkwardness on stage.

If you’ve ever worked in a shop or other vocation where you deal with the general public; I’ll lay money on it that you’ve come across someone like Angelos Epithemiou and you are instantly reminded of them?!

I think that’s the true genius of the character Dan created!

Angelos Epithemiou on Soccer AM


Andy Gray of Sky Sports Sacked

Andy Gray, former footballer and pundit for Sky Sports has been sacked….essentially because he failed to see when something had crossed the line; oh the irony?!?

His ‘We’re still on the air!!!’ faux pas comments about a female linesman not knowing the ‘offside’ rule appear to have sparked a similar debate to ‘Brand and Ross’?

…..expect an exceptionally over the top graphical presentation on Saturday to explain why he’s a bit of a chauvinist…..

“You just don’t save those!”.